Club Modu Shanghai!!!

Welcome hoteliers!

When I left the hotel and hopped in the taxi, I told the driver the address and the driver looked at me puzzled and asked me am I sure of the address.


It was my first real job in China but I have been in Shanghai for 2 years as a student so if he thought he was gonna rip me off and take a side road…. not gonna happen bro!

Now my friend was a fellow classmate from home, we were in the same classes for about 2 years and he loved Europe, I convinced him to go study in China and I’d meet him there, I didn’t think it’d actually come true.

So my friend was sitting in a VIP sofa with bottles on deck, a security guard, and a server. My friend knew how to party, was African American, tall, slim, light skinned, and knew how to get the ladies, not that I had any problems, but, my friend had mastered the game.

“Uh bro, where’d this table come from? You ballin’ out of control?”

“Nah, the owner gave it to me. We met before and he thinks we could do business together.”


My friend knew how to network, he always knew everyone anyway. He had worked in clubs before so he knew how to get drinks. It’s because of him that Modu became my main club, and I always received a VIP table, free drinks, knew the management, and got a black card that I never used.

So we partied hard, the GM of the club was too busy to meet me but his assistant came to take a shot on his behalf. And we exchanged contacts as well.

The club was so elaborate, again, I lived in Shanghai so I know how the clubs are, but this one was very well put together. Not too glitzy like M2 or too local like Maya, it had a good feel and mix of local and international.

Modu Shanghai


What was incredible was the security escort we received whenever we went anywhere. I intend to be rich, I intend to party hard, and I’m only 25, I intend to do a lot of things in my life, but security like I’m a celebrity?

That’s a bit much, they even went into the bathroom with me to make sure no “adoring fans” disturbed me while handling business, and, pre-heated the hand dryer so it was hot after I washed my hands…

After my friend and I finished 2 bottles of Jack Daniels, and turned away some girls and other dudes (my friend doesn’t share with people who we didn’t meet before,) we headed out. I was super jet lagged, just wanted to chill, not dance much, and not meet anyone. So I just went home but not before being surprised that the club told me the 2 bottles of Vodka AK47 and the champagne we didn’t drink would be available for me next time I came. All I need to do is tell the boss what time I’m coming, how many people, and what I was bringing, and what I wanted to drink. (I knew this wasn’t going to come for free but that’s a story for later.)

Vodka AK47! :O

I had to get some rest because according to FYU, I was working tomorrow at 7am and it was already 3am… Yolo!

I definitely enjoy to party hard, since I work just as hard, but don’t be that westerner that goes crazy in Asian clubs, not a good look. And don’t be stupid like me and get tipsy the night before you start working, come correct lol, although I made it work, definitely not recommended!

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next article hoteliers.

Best Regards,

Daniel Cooper


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